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At Pure Trough we specialise in cleaning water troughs.

Traditional cleaning methods are labour intensive and time consuming. Our purpose-built trough cleaner delivers superior cost-effective cleaning.

Trough cleaning and exposure to sunlight are the most effective ways at reducing the levels of faecal contamination.


Our company is self-contained in our processes.


Our specially designed equipment conquers those dirty troughs saving you from doing the back-breaking job yourself. Often farmers are not only time poor, they don’t have the skilled labour or equipment to do the job properly. We can do it faster and more efficiently because of our equipment and experience.


Cleaning troughs is all we do, so we’re pretty good at it!



Clean Troughs Improve Performance

Farmers should consider water quality when planning and reviewing the water supplies for their livestock. If water quality is poor, livestock may drink less than they need, and on rare occasion, stop drinking altogether.


When animals drink less, they eat less causing them to lose condition. If they are lactating, their milk production will reduce or cease.

A dirty water trough presents water quality issues, including:

  • High levels of water salinity

  • Blue-Green algae

  • Organic material

  • Presence of heavy metals and chemicals.





While most algae don’t pose a direct health concern, certain types of blue-green algae release toxins which can cause colic and diarrhoea. Algae also makes water less desirable to your livestock and can lead to reduced water intake.

Having access to clean pathogen-free water is paramount for livestock well-being and survival, without it animals will become dangerously ill.


We can knock over all the troughs on your property in a day or two whether you have 100+

We clean and disinfect every trough leaving it clean and hygienic

Troughs are water blasted taking off years of grime and slime

It’s a cost-effective solution, no hidden charges. It’s a per trough rate

No travel costs

Schedule yearly cleans well in advance and enjoy peace of mind knowing we’ll get it done

Pure Trough acknowledge that Mycoplasma Bovis is active within New Zealand. It is a serious threat to our farming community. We appreciate it could have a huge impact on the livelihood and wellbeing of many in the industry.

As a result, Pure Trough would like to reassure its clients that we follow strict infection control procedures, as suggested by MPI, to minimise any risk of cross contamination between farms. All troughs are cleaned and sanitised with products that assist with the ongoing eradication of this disease.

A thorough clean and disinfectant process of all our plant and equipment is undertaken on every job as we leave. We arrive clean and leave clean.



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